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Scientific periodicals of the Faculty of Letters

The continuous development of the faculty, since its establishment in 1966 has meant not only to diversify the actual socio-humanities specializations, but also to increase the research activity in the variety of disciplines related to studying Romanian language, foreign languages, and sociological studies, pedagogical studies etc.

Through the existing periodicals there is a constant seeking of revaluation and stimulation of scientific creation activity of the teachers, students and researchers in the area, the journals being as well as open to all specialists from universities and research centers in the country and abroad.

Under the auspices of the Faculty of Letters are currently published the following scientific periodicals:

The main directions of scientific research

  • Romanian lexicography;
  • Romanian spelling and orthoepy;
  • Names (toponymy and antroponimy);
  • History of linguistics;
  • Stylistics;
  • Translation theory;
  • Romance (lexicology,-lexicography);
  • Theory of the literary text in Romanian perspective;
  • Applied Linguistics;
  • Romanian and universal literature;
  • Literary criticism;
  • Ethnology;
  • Anthropology;
  • English literature and language (theory and application);