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YOUR ACCESS TO EUROPE! – For the assessment of the linguistic proficiency

Short presentation

  INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre is an initiative of the Faculty of Letters, University of Craiova. Established in 2005, this centre operates in accordance with European Union standards and follows the linguistic and multicultural language policy of the Faculty of Letters.

  INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre responds to a constant need at local and regional level to create skills in the following modern languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

  INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre provides favourable conditions for learning and testing those willing to form or improve their communicative skill in one of the foreign languages listed above, having qualified and specialized staff at home and abroad, with the aim of providing the authentic language passport essential for the training of professionals in the context of globalization.


  Classes of foreign languages for:

  • Preparing students for exams such as: Cambrige, TOEFL, DILF-DELF-DALF, TELC, Deutsches Sprachdiplom, Test Daf, ÖSD etc.
  • learning foreign languages for specific purposes (for business, medical field, legal field, for banking etc.)
  • teacher training for the completed examination:
    • module I – Teaching methodology for English / French / German / Italian / Spanish
    • module II – English / French / German / Italian / Spanish linguistics
    • module III – English / French / German / Italian / Spanish literature
  • training to obtain teaching degrees: Didactics: teaching foreign language and literature
  • training students to pass various exams: entrance for bilingual classes, baccalaureate etc.

 The training course to successfully pass the IELTS exam starts on October 04, 2017, and has a duration of 50 hours, and the fee is 500 lei. To sign in an  application  form must be filled in and submitted to the secretariat of the Faculty of Letters or sent by email to the Center of Foreign Languages Interlingua,  interlinguacraiova@yahoo.com, until September 29, 2017.

The IELTS test , organized by the British Council in collaboration with the University of Craiova, is scheduled for December 09, 2017 at the University. The deadline for registering for the exam is November 03, 2017.


Translation and revision

  The INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre meets the needs of applicants advising on the translation specialized in various fields, for evaluation and validation of translations of literary or specialized texts and even legalized translations – many teachers being authorized translators, language experts authorized by the Ministry of Justice to translate in writing official documents containing used by state and international institutions.

  Also, another activity, as important, of the INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre  is the translation of official documents of presentation and promotion of the University of Craiova, documents of the presentation of the faculties, the university’s website and web pages of the faculties and the translation of the materials requested by the external environment of the University of Craiova, under a cooperation protocol.


Assessment of linguistic proficiency

  Also, the INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre organizes exams for certificates of proficiency and specialized training courses for these exams. Certificates issued have the Ministry of Education approval and are admitted throughout the European Union. The examination to obtain these certificates has all the stages under the European Framework of Reference for modern languages: written and oral expression, oral and written comprehension, interaction and spontaneity in communication.



  Registrations are made online at least 48 hours before assessing the level of language proficiency; the application can be downloaded in electronic form from the INTERLINGUA website and sent to - interlinguacraiova@yahoo.com.

Day: every Tuesday except legal holidays and statutory holidays

Between 26.07-06.09.2016 the Centre will be closed.

Hours: 10:00 (the time when language proficiency exam starts) - 13.00

Room: 337b, on the first floor of the main building of the University of Craiova

Payment of the fee: it can be made at the University cashier (Str. Libertăţii. nr. 13).

Contacts: INTERLINGUA FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTRE, Str. A.I.Cuza, No. 13; Tel: 0251-414468; Fax: 0251-418849, e-mail interlinguacraiova@yahoo.com.

Director of the Interlingua Foreign Languages Centre: Senior Lecturer Emilia ŞTEFAN         
Scientific secretary of the Interlingua Foreign Languages Centre: Senior Lecturer Oana Adriana DUŢĂ

Training courses aim at developing diversified skills in line with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written expression, oral expression, verbal interaction.

The people wishing to take the course are asked to send the application form below to: interlinguacraiova@yahoo.com.


The activity of the INTERLINGUA Foreign Languages Centre addresses all categories of people who find themselves as potential beneficiaries in the attached tables.

- Types of courses and fees

For information and registration: